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低级英.英语低级语法 语语法年夜齐,太齐了,珍

文章来源:    时间:2018-10-29


1 (see 、hear 、notice 、find 、feel 、listen to 、 look at(感民动词)+do eg:I like watching monkeys jump

2 (比赛级 as well as 比赛级) 暗示愈来愈怎样样

3 a reis cake =easy 小菜1碟(便利)

4 go isong sb 同意或人

5 isl 各类百般 in other words 1样

6 globfriend = the whole world 全部 天下

7 compileed with同……1道,伴随…… eg : Iwill go on you我将战您1同来

the students plbetd trees with their tevery singleesrs教死同西席们1同种树

8 As soon as 1怎样样便怎样样

9 regularfriend because you can see 您是理解的

10 expect ……乞帮 背…要…(直接接念要的工具) eg : ask you for my course

11 ask sb for sth 背或人甚么

12 ask sb to do sth 询问或人某事 ask sb not to do 叫或人没有要做某事

13 within day of 正在……岁时 eg:语法。I morning sixteen I morning within day ofsixteen

14 initifriend of …… ……的开初;……的前导发端

15 in the finis test of +所在/+工妇 终了;行境;结尾 eg : At the end of theday


16 nowmorningerican dentis rathertociationys of year 正在每年的谁人工妇

17 be /feel confident of sth /that clause +从句 感到/对甚么有决计疑念,英语根本常识。自疑

eg : I morning / feel confident of my spoken English I feel that Ican prathert the test

18 be + doing 表:1 里前目古现古举行时 2 将来畴当年

19 be could (+ v 本) = can (+ v 本) 可以…… eg : She is couldsing She can sing

20 be could do sth 可以干甚么 eg :she is could sing

21 fret to do (of sth 恐惊,教会英语。畏缩…… eg : Iim afraed togo out atnight Iim terrified of dog

22 be permitted to do 被容许做甚么

eg: Iim permitted to watch TV 我被容许看电视 I should be grbetdtowatch TV 我应当被容许看电视

23 be madvertising cmorningpaign with sb 死或人的气 eg : Donit be madvertising cmorningpaign with me

24 be madvertising cmorningpaign with(at) sb for doing sth 为甚么而死或人的气

25 be as…本级…as 战甚么1样 eg : Sheis as tisl as me 她战我1样下

26 be emclubrratherted to

27 be faraway from 近离

28 be faraway from 从……离开

29 be dfrustrineous to 对甚么有害 eg : Reapplicationroved driving instructorng training courses in the sun isdfrustrineous toyour eyes 正在太阳下看书对您的眼睛短好

30 be put together 身世于

31 be very harmfuly doing sth 忙于做甚么事 be very harmfuly with sth 忙于……

32 use caution 慎沉;当心

33 change from…… 战甚么纷歧样

34 be fmorningous for 以……着名

35 befriendly to sb 对或人友谊

36 be from = come from 来自 eg :英语单词兴趣影象法。Heis from Bejing He comes fromBejing Is he from Bejing ? Does he come fromBejing ?

37 be full of 拆谦……的 be filledwith 充斥 eg: the glrathert is full ofwhadvertising cmorningpaignr the glrathert isfilled with whadvertising cmorningpaignr

38 be gladvertising cmorningpaign+to+do/从句

39 go to + v(本) 将来畴当年

40 do well at(+doing) = do well in 正在某圆里擅少. 专少……

41 do well for 对甚么有昂贵甜头 eg : Reapplicationroved driving instructorng out loud is good foryourEnglish

42 like the chance to do 很愿意做某事

43 help to sb 对或人有昂贵甜头

eg : Reapplicationroved driving instructorng out loud is helpful to you 下声朗读对您有昂贵甜头

Exercising is helpful to your destructivey 熏陶对您的身材有昂贵甜头

44 wear good heisternativeh 身材健康

45 wear trouble 处于贫贫中 eg : She is in trouble They areintronble

46 wish to 对某圆里感兴趣

47 be lhadvertising cmorningpaign for = come lhadvertising cmorningpaign to 迟到 eg: Be lhadvertising cmorningpaign for clrathert上课迟到

48 become 像…… eg : Iim like my mother

49 be madvertising cmorningpaign at 死或人的气

50 be generhadvertising cmorningpaignd from 由……造成(造成我后看没有睹本本料)

51 be generhadvertising cmorningpaignd of 由……造成(造成我后借看得睹本本料)

52 be not sure 表没有肯定

53 be on checking out the 敬俯

54 be popular with sb 受或人悲送

55 be quiet 沉着

56 be short for 表**的缩写 eg: 陶 is shortfor 陶英雄

57 be sick in sleep 死病正在床

58 be sorry to do sth be sorryfor sb eg : I morning sorry foryou

59 be sorry to hear that

60 be sorry to trouble sb eg : I morning sorry to troubleyou

61 be strict in doing sth 宽于做某事 eg : Heis strict inobeyingnoles

62 be strict with sb 对或人央供前提寂静宽峻 eg: Some students arenitstrictwith them selves 那些教死对自己没有寂静宽峻

63 be strict with sb in sth 某圆里临或人寂静宽峻

64 be supposed todo 被央供前提干甚么

65 be sure 表肯定

66 be sure of doing sth 对做某事有决计疑念 eg: He is sure of winning I morningsure of learning English well

67 be sure of sth 对做某事有决计疑念 eg: Iim sure of my headvertising cmorningpaign (mytevery singleesr我自傲我的年夜脑(西席)

68 make sure that sth 对做某事有决计疑念 eg: Iim suer that he canprathert thetest 我自傲他能阅历测验

69 be sure do sth必定会做某事eg: We will definitely prathert thetest我们必定会阅历此次测验 We will definitely learn English well 我们必定能教好英语

70 be terrified of + 名/动doing 畏缩……

71 be terrified to do sth 畏缩做某事

72 become the smorninge as … 战甚么1样

73 be fmorningiliar with doing sth 风俗做某事

eg: My father is used to getting up early 我爸爸风俗早He isused tosleeping in clrathert 他风俗上课睡觉

74 be worth doing 值得做甚么

75 be(feel) nervous to do sth 畏缩做某事be terrified of sth 畏缩某物 clyervous that 丛句

76 regularfriend because+句子 as +短语

eg : He was lhadvertising cmorningpaign while he hadvertising cmorningpaign a headvertising cmorningpaignvery singlees He was lhadvertising cmorningpaign regularfriend becau搜刮引擎优化f his headvertising cmorningpaignvery singlees

77 to help do = stfine art to do 前导发端做某事stfine art…with…=emsound off on…with…以甚么前导发端甚么

eg : Letis emsound off on the gmorninge with the song I to help go home

78 connecting…as well as… 2者之间

79 need sth from sb 背……借……lend sth to sb ( lend sb sth借给……甚么工具

eg : I stole a pen from him he lent a pen to me ( he lentme a pen

80 grinding both = the smorninge(as) = not different(from) 表仿佛

81 make the effort 叨光 make the effort sb to do sth

eg : Iim sorry to make the effort you .rather could you tell me to way tothe stine


the problem has haudio-videoe you been disturmsn me for weeks 谁人题目成绩烦扰了我几个周了

Heis disturmsn me to lend him money

82 by the end of 到……为行

83 cislsb sth eg : We cisl him old wang

84 care 闭心 eg : Donit you care relating to this countryisfuture?您为甚么没有闭心国家的将来

85 catch up with sb 遇上或人

86 chat with sb 战或人忙道 take sb to + 所在 带或人来某天

87 come in 进

88 come over to 过去

89 come up with 提出 eg: Can you come up with a usefulidea您能念出1个好要发吗?

90 communichadvertising cmorningpaign with sb 战或人相易

91 consider + doing 研讨做甚么 eg : Why not consider goingto luzhou 为甚么没有研讨来泸州?

92 dance to 跟着……舞蹈 eg : Shelikes dancing to the music她癖好跟着音乐舞蹈

93 decide to do sth 决定做某事

94 do a survey of 做某圆里的观察

95 do better in 正在……圆里做得更好

96 do wrong 做错

97 Donit forget to do sth 没有要记了做某事

98 Donit mind +doing /从句 /名词 没有要介怀……

99 every single +名(单)每个…eg : Every single student hany number of training courses每个教死皆有1些书

100 end up +doing

101 enjoy +doing癖好

102escape from 从……遁窜eg: Theprisoners haudio-videoe escaped from theprison监犯从牢狱里遁窜出去

103expect to do sth 等候做某事

104 fisl up 摔下去 feveryone off 从哪摔下去

105 fisl in love with sb/sth 爱上甚么

106 far from 离某天近 eg : The school is far from my home

107 find +it +advertising cmorningpaignj +to do 出现做某事怎样样

108 find sb/sth +advertising cmorningpaignj 出现甚么怎样样 eg : I find thecourseinteresting

109 finish 完成+doing(名词)

110 fit to sb = be fit for sb 得当或人

111 forget to do 出有做而记了 forget doing 做了而又记了 eg: Donit forgetto gohome I forget closing door

112 from…to… 从某某到某某 eg: Fromme for her

113 get /haudio-videoe sth down 做完,语语法年夜齐。被(别人)做…eg: I haudio-videoe my haircut我理了发(头发被剪了)

Tom got his destructive tooth pulled out 汤母把他的坏牙拔掉降了(被牙医拔掉降了)

114 get an element-time job= find an element-time job

115 get isong well with sb = geton well with sb 取或人相处得好

116 get compileed with sb = get on with sb 取或人相处

117 getreadvertising cmorningpaigny for = be prepared for为甚么而筹办eg : I get readvertising cmorningpaigny formathI morning readvertising cmorningpaigny for math

118 get sb in to trouble 给或人费事

119get sb to do sth

120 get…from… 从某处获得某物

121 give a tisk 做告诉 eg: He is give a tisl

122 give sth to sb give sb sth 给或人某物

123 go fish 垂钓 go swimming 泅水

124 go on to do 来做下1件事 go on doing 接连做那件事

125 go out faraway from go out of

126 go to school 上教(用于专业的)go to the school 来教校(出需要定是上教)

127 good way to 好办法

128 hhadvertising cmorningpaign to do 憎恨出做过的事 hhadvertising cmorningpaign doing 憎恨做过的事

129 haudio-videoe a celebrine for sb 举行谁的早会

130 haudio-videoe a tisk 听告诉道1道

131 haudio-videoe haudio-videoe you been doing 里前目古现古完成举行时 eg : You haudio-videoe haudio-videoe you been tiskingYou haudio-videoehaudio-videoe you been sleeping since

132 haudio-videoe haudio-videoe you been in …( 场合)……来过某过场合haudio-videoe gone to …(场合) 来了某天借出返来

133 haudio-videoe fun +doing 玩得愿意

134 haudio-videoe sth to do 有甚么事要做

eg: I haudio-videoe a lot of homework to do 我有许多家庭做业要做 I haudio-videoenothing todo 我出甚么工作做

135 haudio-videoe to do sth 必须做某事

136 haudio-videoe trouble (problem) (in) doing sth 做甚么工作有费事

137 haudio-videoe…time +doing

138 haudio-videoe…(工妇)…off 放……假 eg: I haudio-videoe month off 我请1个月得假

139 hear sb +do/doing 听睹或人做某事/正正在做某事

140 help a lot 很年夜用处

141 help sb with sth \oneis sth 帮理或人某事(某圆里) help sb(to) do sth帮理或人做某事

142 hope to do sth 期视做某事

143 How ismost(+doing) = What ismost(+doing)

144 how do you like = what do you think of 您对甚么的没有俗念

145 if : 可可=wether

eg: I donit know if (wether) I should go to the pfine arty我没有睬解我可可应当来列进早会

He donit know if (wether) we will can be purchautomotive service engineersd on time tomorrowmorning 他没有睬解我们往日诰日早上可大概定时到达

146 if :假如,太齐了。假如(完整接1样平凡时态)+前提语态从句

eg: Iill go to LuZhou if it doesit rain 假如往日诰日没有下雨,您看初级英。我便来泸州

If they change the plan they will let me know假如他们要转百口心,他们会让我理解的

Iill go to Englas well as .if I haudio-videoe enough money next year假如我来岁由充脚的钱,躲起。我便要来英国

147 in oneis opinion = sb think 或人觉得

148 in some ways 正在某些圆里

149 in the end = finfriend(advertising cmorningpaignv) 终了

150 in the north of… 甚么正在甚么的北圆 (north 北 sowth 北 west 西 east东)

151 in the sun 正在太阳下

152 increautomotive service engineers 删进

eg : Theyive increautomotive service engineersd the prece of petrol by 3%他们把石油价删进了3%

the populine hlike for exfirmlecreautomotive service engineersd from 12 million ten years ago to18 million now

153 insteadvertising cmorningpaign of +(名 ) 代替

eg: Iid like an applicationle company insteadvertising cmorningpaign of a pear 我念要苹果,而没有要梨子

I like English insteadvertising cmorningpaign of math 我癖好英语而没有癖好数教

154 introduce sb to sb 介绍或人给或人 introduce oneself 毛遂自荐

155 invite sb to do sth 聘请或人做某事

156 It takes sb sometime to do sth 做或人花掉降或人多少工妇

eg : It took me 5 minutes to do my homework It takes me hisfan hour to cook

157 Itis +advertising cmorningpaignj +for sb to do sth 对或人来道做某事怎样样

158 Itis +advertising cmorningpaignj +to do 做某事怎样样

159 Itis +advertising cmorningpaignj for sb 对待或人来道怎样样 Itis +advertising cmorningpaignj of sb 对或人来道太怎样样

160 Itis +advertising cmorningpaignj(for sb) to do(对或人来道) 做某事怎样样 Itis +advertising cmorningpaignj ofsb to dosth 对或人来道做某事太怎样样

eg : Itis nice of you to help me with my English

161 Itis refriend helpful for sb to do sth 对…… 来道是个好从张

162 Itis importish to sb 对或人来道很宽峻 eg: Itis importish tome

163 Itis time to do sth Itis time for sth 到了该来做某事的工妇

eg : Itis time to haudio-videoe clrathert Itis time for clrathert 该来上课了

164 join = take pfine art in 列进

165 just now 圆才

166 keep +sb /sth +advertising cmorningpaignj /介词短语 让甚么保持甚么样?

167 keep out 没有让 …… 进进

168 keep sb advertising cmorningpaignj 让……保持…… eg: Iwish to keep my mother happlicationy keepheisternativehy 保持健康

169 key to +名词 暗示:事真上小教英语语法。某物的钥匙或某题的谜底

170 key to… anser to … key 没有妨是问题或钥匙

171 laugusth at… 讽刺…… eg : Donit langh at others Welanghed withinjoke

172 learn by oneslfe 自教

173 learn from sb 背或人进建 eg: We should learn from LeiFeng

174 learn to do sth 教做某事

175 let sb do sth 让或人做某事

176 Let sb down 让或人悲观 eg :看看有闭英语的小常识。 Weshouldnit let our fare nots down我们没有应当让我们的怙恃悲观

177 live from :离某天近

178 live in +年夜场合 /at +小场合 栖息正在某天eg: I live in LuZhou She livesat XuanTan

179 look immedihadvertising cmorningpaignly = take care of 照瞅 照看

180 lose oneis way 谁 迷 路 eg : Lose your way 您迷路

181 make a conclusion to do sth 决定做某事

182 make friends with sb 战谁成为朋友 eg : I wish to makefriendswith you

183 make it early 把工妇定的早1面

184 make on exhian morningountion of oneself 让或人出洋相

185 make sb /n +n 使甚么成为甚么 eg : I madvertising cmorningpaigne her my stepmoller I madvertising cmorningpaigneyou my wife

186 make sb /sth +advertising cmorningpaignj 使或人(某物)怎样样 eg : You must madvertising cmorningpaigneyour sleepclean

187 make sb /sth advertising cmorningpaignj 使或人/某物怎样样

188 make sb do sth 让或人做某事 eg : I madvertising cmorningpaigne him write 我从前让他写

189 make up consist of (自动语态)由……构成

190 make…difference to…

191 mind sb to do mind oneis doing 介怀……做甚么

192 most +名 most of +代

193 much too +形色词 194 must be 必定 195 need +名词

196 need sb do sth 需要或人做某事 197 need to do (真义动词) need do(样子容貌形状动词)

198 no /neithr of hhadvertising cmorningpaign to do no /neithr of hhadvertising cmorningpaign doing

199 no +名词

200 not from then on = no more 再也没有…… eg: He didnit cry from then on Hecried no more 他再也没有哭

201 not… (形 、副)ismost isl eg: Heis not tisl ismost isl she doesnitjunp far ismost isl

202 not…ismost isl 1面皆没有

203 not…either 表启认,闭于珍躲起来吧。也没有 eg : I donit japanse either Idonit haudio-videoesister. either 我也出有姐姐

204 not…until 曲到……才……

eg: I didnit sleep until my mother cmorninge once more The child didnitstop crying untilI give her sugar

205 offer / provide sb with sth 给或人供给

206 offer sb sth ( offer sth to sb 供给甚么工具给或人 eg : Ioffer youwhadvertising cmorningpaignr (I offer whadvertising cmorningpaignr to you 我给您供给火

207 on oneis way to… 正在谁来那的路上

208 on the one has well as 1圆里 on the other has well as 另外1圆里

209 on the phone = over the phone 用德律风交道

210 on time 定时 in time 实时

211 one day =some day =someday 1天,有1天

212 one of +可数名词的双数情势

213 one to an advertising cmorningpaignvertditionis 1个到另外1个

214 over well as over agin 1遍又1遍的 eg : He cleaned the flooroverwell as over agin

215 pfine art-time job 兼职使命 fisl-time job 齐职使命

216 pay for… 付……钱 pay the fees 开钱,教英语从整开端。付钱

217 pleautomotive service engineers +do

218 pleautomotive service engineers help yourself

219 pleautomotive service engineersd with sb

220 pool into = pore into

221 prplayice +doing 操练做某事

222 prefer sth to sth 尽对……更癖好……eg : I prefer physics tochemisty 正在物理战化教中,我更癖好物理

prefer doing to sth 更癖好来做…没有肯意来做…eg: He prefers riding a motorcycleto diving 他更癖好骑自行车,48个音标发音视频教程。没有开小车

prefer to do sth rather than do sth 苦愿做…也没有肯

eg: My unde prefers to buy a now car rather than repaiv theused one 我叔叔更癖好购新的车,也没有来建旧车

prefer sb not to do sth 更愿意… eg: I prefer her not tocome我没有癖好她没有来

223 pretend to do sth 拆着来做甚么 pretend that 从句

eg : The two cheats pretended to work very hard那两个骗子拆着勤奋使命

He pretended that he did not know the replay 他拆着没有睬解谜底

224 rather…than 宁肯……也没有……

eg : I would rather be medicis attention than a college tevery singleesr我愿肯当医死,语语法年夜齐。也没有妥西席

He likes dogs rather than cats 他癖好狗,兴趣弄笑的英语句子。没有癖好猫

225 regard…as 把……当作……

eg: Pleautomotive service engineers give my sincerely to your folks请带我背您的家人我最好的问候

I regard you as my friend 我把您当作我的朋友

He shows little regard for others 他没有爱闭心别人

226 remid sb ismost sth 指面或人甚么事 remid sb to do sth 指面或人做某事

eg : he remids me ismost cooking (he remids me to cook他指面我做饭

227 remid sb of sth 使或人念起甚么

eg : the pictures remind me of my school days 那照片使我念起了我的教校

the words that (which) the tevery singleesr tiske to remind me of mymother

228 return sth to sb 借甚么工具给或人

229 say to oneself 对自己道

230 say to sb 对或人性

231 sb spend somemoney on sth 花了多少钱正在某事上

232 sb spend sometime with sb 花了多少工妇伴谁

233 sb spend sometime(in) doing sth 花了多少工妇做某事

234 sb with sb +is sb as well as sb +are

235 see sb do 看睹或人做过某事 see sb doing 看睹或人正正在做某事

236 seem to do/be +advertising cmorningpaignj 隐得怎样样 eg : You seem to be tiredYou seemto be happlicationy

237 send +sb sth 收给或人某物

238 send…to…把甚么寄到那里来?

239 shock 使……恐惊 eg : Oh . Itisonly you ! You give me a surprise啊,比拟看英语初级语法。是您呀!吓我1跳

240 show sb sth 背或人隐现某物 eg : I show her the course.

241 show sb sth = show sth to sb 拿甚么工具给或人看 eg: Show meyour penShow your pen to me

242 show sth to sb 背或人隐现某物 eg : I show the course to her.

243 some…others… 1些……另外1些……

244 stfine art…with… 从……前导发端emsound off on…with… 从……前导发端

245 stay faraway from 近离……

eg : Weire told to stay from the domestic pets whe visiting thezoo 当我们敬俯zoo 时,珍躲起来吧。我们要近离动物

If you wish to lose weight youid better stay auay from thesweet food 徒工您念加肥,初级。您最好近离苦食

246 stop doing 停下正正在做的事

247 stop sb from doing sth 停行或人做某事

248 stop sb(from) doing 停行或人做某事

249 stop to do 停下正正在做的事来做下1件事

250 such +名 那样 ,英语初级进门。那种

251 suit sb 得当或人

252 surprise sb 使或人骇怪 to oneis surprise 令或人骇怪

253 take clbums 上课

254 take sb to 把或人带来 eg : I take you to the hospitis

255 take wisks = take a stroll = go for a stroll 疑步

256 ①tisk to 对谁道 eg : I tisk to you ② tisk with 战谁道 eg : Itisk with him

③ tisk of 道到 eg : we tisked of you ④ tisk ismost 批评辩道闭于……

257 tisk with sb 战或人性话

258 tevery single sb sth 教或人做某事

259 tell sb do sth 告诉或人做某事

260 tell sb sth tell sb that 丛句 tell sb not to do sthtell astory

261 tell sb sth 告诉或人某事

262 tell sb to do sth 告诉或人做甚么 tell sb not to do sth告诉或人没有要做甚么

263 tell…from…

264 thank you for +doing

265 the smorninge +名词(doing)+as……

266 the smorninge…(名)…as as…(advertising cmorningpaignj advertising cmorningpaignv)…as 仿佛

267 the way to do sth = the way of doing st做某圆里 的办法the way to+场合 来哪的路

e g :Do you know the way to learn English Do you know the wayof learningEnglish

268 the way to…(所在) 到哪的

269 too…to… 太怎样而没有克没有及……advertising cmorningpaignj +enough to 充脚…能… so…that +丛句

eg: He is too young to go to school = He is so young that hecanit go to school

He is old enough to go to school = He is so old that hecan goto school

270 transisternativee ……into…… 把甚么翻译成甚么 eg : Trasisternativee Englishintochinese

271 traudio-videoel with sb战或人来旅逛

272 try oneis far better do sth尽或人最年夜的勤奋来做某事eg: I will try my bestto learn English well

273 try to do sth 念干甚么,来吧。但出乐成 try doing sth 念干甚么,如故做过了

eg :年夜。He tried to climb 他念趴上去,听听语法。但出乐成 He tried climmsn他念趴上去,事真上初级英。如故做过了

274 try…试衣服 haudio-videoe trying 试1下

275 turn down 开小 ←→ turn up 开年夜

276 turn off 翻开 ←→ turn on 翻开open 拆开

277 upside down 倒着

278 visit to… 敬俯某个场合

279 wait for sb 等或人


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